Rental Agreement Guns

If there is no state law explicitly stating that an owner may or may not prohibit weapons, the owner has the right to act at his discretion. This means that they can ban guns if they wish, because they are the rightful owner of private property. Late returns are subject to a maximum daily penalty equal to 25% of the 4-day rental price of the device. All penalties are calculated on the tenant`s payment method to the landlord. No private party can prohibit you from owning a weapon. However, if you rent your home, your landlord may prevent you and other tenants from bringing or keeping a gun in your own home. You also know that you can be deported for possession of a weapon if your lease prohibits it. The owner strives to provide excellent customer service, including providing an accurate inventory of equipment for rent, as well as booking and shipping management, to ensure that equipment orders arrive up to the desired start date. Our system is automated enough that, at the time you select and click “I agree to send an order,” in case of partial or full payment for a reservation (order), our system clicks on the devices selected for the rental data you have selected. Our system does not automate returns and changes.

Your booking prevents others from booking the same products during the date of your booking, which requires additional time and effort to update the stock and change bookings. In addition, there are payment fees that we have to pay for processing refunds. As a result, booking changes fees are due and reservations cannot be cancelled by the customer or changed online after filing. Product replacements can only be made by contacting customer service or by phone number (855) 355-3337 during normal business hours. Replacement products of equal or higher values are allowed up to four calendar days before the start date of the booking (depending on the availability of the equipment) without penalty. The difference in the rental costs of the replaced items and the associated shipping costs are charged accordingly and paid in full to ensure the change of booking. If a lower-value item is replaced, a 5% penalty is calculated for the higher value item that was removed from the reservation up to 14 days before the rental date. A 10% fine will be imposed on the higher value item that has been removed from the booking up to 4 days before the rental date. No substitutions are allowed less than 3 business days before the start date of the booking or at any time after the owner has transferred equipment to the sender, usually UPS, FedEx or USPS.