The Agreement Establishing Caricom Was Signed In

2. The Conference may delegate to the Secretary-General the conclusion, on behalf of the Community, of agreements, including technical assistance. 2. A disadvantaged country that applies restrictions in accordance with paragraph 1 informs, as far as possible, the COTED before they come into force. Coted may at any time review these restrictions and, in light of these considerations, make recommendations to mitigate the adverse effects of these restrictions or to help the disadvantaged country overcome its difficulties. (e) the activities of professional associations aimed at developing or enforcing professional standards of competence reasonably necessary for the protection of the public and approved by the Commission. 1. When a Member State processes goods separately from their packaging for the purpose of setting tariffs, it may also, for its imports shipped from another Member State, separately determine the origin or packaging. (a) national incentives for investment in sustainable export-oriented industrial development and service; 2.

The Community is cooperating with relevant national, regional and international organisations to create the conditions for the provision of efficient and affordable maritime transport services between Member States. 2. Parties to the Member States` dispute can, by mutual agreement, apply the procedure in paragraph 1 only to this dispute. (c) professional assistance in carrying out obligations arising from trade-related agreements; 2. Without prejudice to the universality of paragraph 1 and the obligations of Member States under existing international agreements, the Community adopts measures with regard to: 1. The provisions of this chapter aim to establish a regime applicable to disadvantaged countries, regions or sectors within the framework of the Treaty and to a special regime for less developed countries. , in order to improve their prospects for successful competition within the Community. and, where possible, to remedy the possible negative effects of the creation of the CSME.

(3) COTED regularly reviews the impact of the measures in paragraph 2 to determine their adequacy and to set a timetable for their commitment. 1. In defining its industrial policy, the Community promotes appropriate measures to create adequate social infrastructure, reduce poverty and ensure social stability in the Member States. 1. Goods shipped by one Member State to a recipient in another Member State are treated, subject to this article, as Community products when goods: b) help Member States to understand and fulfil their obligations under this Treaty and other international instruments; (a) enterprise-to-business agreements, business association decisions and the concerted practices of companies that prevent, restrict or distort competition within the Community; The heads of state and government of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) signed the agreement on Thursday to establish the Caribbean Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (CCREEE).