Missouri Physician Assistant Supervision Agreement

11. No contract or other agreement provides for a doctor to work against the doctor`s wishes as a supervisory physician for a medical assistant. A doctor has the right to refuse the act of a medical assistant as a supervisor without sanction. No contract or other agreement limits the supervisory physician`s final authority over protocols or standing orders or the transfer of the physician`s authority to a medical assistant, but this requirement must not allow a physician, when executing such minutes, permanent warrants or delegation, to violate the standards applicable to safe medical practice established by the hospital`s medical staff. (8) “monitoring”, having control over a medical assistant working in the same institution as the supervising physician 66 per cent of the time a medical assistant provides for patient care, with the exception of a medical assistant who can perform follow-up examinations of patients in hospitals, nursing homes, patient homes and prisons , each of these examinations is verified, approved and signed by the supervisory physician, unless this is provided for in Section 2 of this section. For the purposes of this section, the percentage of time the medical assistant provides to the on-site treating physician must be measured by calendar quarter. The supervising physician must be available, either personally or by telecommunications, during the period during which the medical assistant provides care to patients. The board sets out the rules under Chapter 536 for documentation relating to the joint verification of the medical assistant`s activity by the supervisory physician and the medical assistant. The medical assistant should be limited to practice in places where the supervising physician is not more than 30 miles on the road, either by the most immediate route available or by other means, in order to create a barrier to effective intervention and follow-up of patient care or proper service verification.

Notwithstanding all other provisions of this chapter, any medical staff professional working in a sector of the shortage of health professionals as of April 1, 2007 is permitted to practice up to ninety days after the House rules establishing the waiver procedure in Section 2 of this section and is authorized to practice , in accordance with the requirements of the supervisory physician, on the medical career in effect on April 1, 2007. , 2007.