Should I Sign The Severance Agreement

No minnesota or federal law establishes a timetable for the amount of severance pay should be paid. Everything in a severance agreement is negotiable. This does not mean that your employer will negotiate with you or a lawyer, but it is important that an experienced lawyer assist you in your negotiations. For example, you may receive severance pay in exchange for a commitment not to sue your employer because it may be created for a hostile work environment or harassed. In a perfect world, the terms of the severance agreement would be fair to both parties. I know what it`s like to be fired by an employer. Please understand that a sudden resignation is a traumatic event, often as deviant as a car. Take care of yourself by prowling your friends and loved ones around you and asking for their emotional support. Tell them about the severance agreement and ask for their opinion. Someone you know knows someone who knows a lawyer.

Don`t be discouraged by your emotional pain of reminding yourself that you deserve to be treated well, even if your employer, for whatever reason, has decided that your services are no longer needed. But if you think you are the victim of your employer`s illegal behaviour, or if your severance package contains a considerable amount of severance pay and benefits, it`s probably worth checking your agreement with a lawyer. Otherwise, you can waive adequate compensation or waive important legal rights without knowing it. If you resign, quit your job or quit your job, you may be asked to sign a severance agreement. Before doing so, you should consult an experienced labour lawyer to ensure that your rights are protected. As tempting as it may be, do NOT sign this severance package without receiving legal advice. Below are only five (of the infinite number) reasons why you should not sign an offer of severance pay without seeking legal advice: many employees sign their severance contracts without even trying to fully understand their terms. Maybe they are intimidated by the big paragraphs and the fine print. But if these employees sit down and take a minute to read carefully what they are supposed to sign, they could learn a lot about what they receive and what they give up. This is a big mistake that many employees make. We are not saying that an employee automatically hires a lawyer to read and explain a termination agreement. If an employee does not feel that he or she has been the victim of illegal employer behaviour or if the terms of the severance pay are relatively reduced, the comparative costs of hiring a lawyer may not be worth it.

You are also asked to accept a series of “corrective measures” for your violation of part of the form agreement that you must sign, including it is important to discuss your dismissal with an experienced employment lawyer to find out if you have a case or leverage to negotiate a severance agreement.