Social Security Agreement With Australia

As soon as an Australian national is considered to reside in Portugal, that person has the right to register for voluntary social security on the same basis as a Portuguese national under Portuguese law. With respect to Australia, Australian legislation must not include contracts or other international agreements between Australia and a third country; (ii) at the time of the application, it provides information indicating that the person had a length of stay or contributions under the other party`s social security legislation. (d) the mining companies covered by Article 6, point b), are companies that exploit similar minerals or substances and those that primarily exploit the quarry and land in the basement. 1. Notwithstanding paragraphs 2 and 3 of this article, this benefit is paid alone when a person is entitled to an Irish benefit because of his or her irish insurance period alone, and the provisions of paragraph 2 of this article do not apply. German judicial decisions and communications from German institutions can be communicated directly to persons domiciled in Australia and sent by recommended letter with acknowledgement. The first sentence also applies to decisions, communications and other documents to be provided, promulgated as part of the implementation of the German Law on Assistance to Victims of War and laws that declare the application of the first law for the application of the first law. 5. Any benefit that a contracting party is required to pay to a person outside that party`s territory under this agreement is paid without deduction for administrative and cost of processing and paying for that benefit. (iv) others, to the extent that they are the result of a national of a contracting party, a refugee or a stateless person within the meaning of this section; 4.

Where a entitlement to benefits is established in accordance with paragraph 3 and it is later found that the amount of the alleged benefit was not actually paid to that person, any failure to pay the first benefit is adjusted retroactively. The Government of Australia and the Federal Council, guided by the desire to regulate relations between their two countries in the area of social protection, have agreed on the conclusion of the following agreements: 2. Notwithstanding the provisions of paragraph 1 and unless otherwise stated in this agreement, the laws of Australia and Italy do not contain laws adopted at any time for the application of a social security agreement. 4. Benefits granted prior to the entry into force of this agreement may, at the request of the recipient, be determined to be in accordance with the provisions of this agreement.